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Vera Marie Badertscher

VMB in Kastro, Sifnos Island, Greece

VMB in Kastro, Sifnos Island, Greece

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Traveler’s Library Editor at Wandering Educators.

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A Travel Writer’s Life

Like a desert packrat, I collect experiences and observations on my travels which have included Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean as well as forty-four of the fifty states.

Although I have never been homesick for home, I regularly have severe bouts of homesickness for Greece. I have been their five times, and covered much of the country and several islands, but I can never get enough. I also loved Italy — that Mediterranean atmosphere gets me.

I originally come from Ohio where I received degrees in theater and education from the Ohio State University. My husband, Ken, and I moved to Arizona and I went on to earn a Master’s Degree in theater from Arizona State University, build a career in local theater and another career in politics, raise three boys and finally launch a successful freelance writing way of life. Ken and  I have lived in and explored Arizona and the west for over forty years. Our  six grandchildren range in age from 2 to 24.

This third career appears to be working well. Organizations have recognized my work with five national 1st place awards and several state awards from the National Federation of Press Women and an honorable mention in profiles from the Fraternity Editors Association.

My articles have appeared in AAA Living, Home & Away and other AAA Magazines,  Arizona Highways, American Style, Islands, National Geographic Traveler, Rolls Royce Owner’s Desk Diary and Luxury Travel and Steinway & Sons Magazine among others. I have also written for various web sites, and now am Travelers Library editor at Wandering Educators, and luxury columnist for I Explore.

This blog came about when I realized that I needed to learn about Web 2.0, and the best way was to learn by doing. I now have started a 2nd blog with my writing partner on the biography of Navajo artist Quincy Tahoma. It will tell the backstory of researching and writing a biography.

I agree with the late William F. Buckley’s  reasons to keep writing. “One is creating something. One is being paid for it. And one is the feeling that I haven’t been sitting on my (butt) all afternoon.”



  • Siphnos Greece
  • London
  • Ireland (Road Trip through the SW)
  • Albuquerque
  • Texas (Driving Trip through Hill Country, foray into Ft. Worth and Dallas)


  • New Orleans Food and Wine Fest, Monteleone Hotel


  • Oregon Coast, Washington’s Rain Forest, Vancouver
  • Paris
  • Switzerland

9 responses to “About VMB

  1. Great job! I’ll be adding you to my “Travel blog” links.

  2. Ken Badertscher


    Another world to conquer. As usual, you will do it with style.


  3. A lovely and a lovely-looking site. You’re now on my Google home page so I can watch for new postings, an honor given to few.

    Good luck with it.

  4. Mike: That is an honor indeed. I will try to keep you interested.

  5. Travler's Bro

    Have read several of your excellent travel reports demonstrating your ability to get into the essence of local culture and color, thanks to an empathy with the locals of many locales. Looking forward to you next discovery!

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  7. Hi Vera,
    Well done. I love your site and like you, am learning tonnes at Darren’s 31-day challenge!
    For your site, I would suggest getting a logo that reflects you and your site’s content. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can have one made on the internet for free (just do a Google search, something like “create logo+free” and dozens of adequate logo-making software will appear). That’s how I got mine made… shush… don’t tell anyone else 😉 I got this bit of advice about adding a logo to my blog from a great Twitter pal of mine. Funny thing was, I already had the logo but couldn’t incorporate it into my WordPress theme. He helped me out with changing the codes but it didn’t look nice so I switched to a different theme, hence the revamp! I agree with him that the logo does work wonders for your branding and it adds another personal touch to your site.


  8. Christina Rebuffet-Broadus

    Love the site. Now the hard part is going to select which books not to buy then finding the time to read them ALL. And I’ll definitely be adding this site to my favorites.

    • Thanks, Christina. That’s what I like to hear. And I have that dilemma, too, about how many books to read and when in the heck to find time for them.

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